Oceanic MaxDepth Double Combi

The Oceanic MaxDepth Double Combi depth gauge uses a non-linear colour codes scale that provides more accurate reading of the current depth during the typical safety stop range between a depth of 9m and the surface. The scale is coloured green between 0m and 18m then changes to orange to 30m to indicate the average recreational diving depths before turning red to a depth of 60m. The depth gauge has a built in maximum depth needle that will remain at the deepest depth until reset by turning back to zero.

The cylinder pressure gauge uses a more traditional linear scale but still uses a colour coding indicator to rapid visual awareness of the remaining cylinder pressure. 0 to 50 Bar are shown in red and represents the typical reserve pressure. 50 to 100 Bar is shown in orange and everything above 100 Bar is green. The pressure gauge is compatible with 300 Bar cylinders. The pressure gauge also features a small temperature gauge which will display the current temperature in Celsius.

Both gauges use the OceanGlo dials for superior light absorption and glow over a longer period of time