Oceanic V6 Full Foot

Oceanics V6 fin provides more speed and power than larger conventional paddle blades. When snorkeling the oceanic V6 fin expells water through the split in the blade reducing lift effort by your leg muscles, minimizing lost propulsion as water spills off the blade.

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VROOOM! The Vortex V6 is for the warm-water diver, snorkeler, or free-diver that wants maximum power generation, response, and acceleration out of every single turn. The V-6 is extremely lightweight, yet delivers greater speed and efficiency than most open heel fins.

  • Provides more speed and power than larger open-heel paddle fins with significantly less effort

  • Small size and light weight is ideal for travel

  • Evaprene composite material for increased performance and long life

  • Comfortable rubber foot pocket in a wide range of sizes

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