Scubapro MK2 /R195 NITROX

The legendary Mk2 first stage is paired with the full-size R195 Technical Series second stage in this dedicated Nitrox version. Ultimate simplicity and reliability developed in compliance with the most stringent safety norms make this the ideal out-of-the-box decompression or emergency regulator. The R195 features an oversized diaphragm and VIVA Venturi lever to assure easy breathing on long decompression stops.

NB: Delivered with both DIN300 and EN144 fittings to allow for use in European governed areas.

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• Owning a SCUBAPRO dedicated Nitrox regulator means you can safely dive using oxygen enriched air with over 21% and up to 100% oxygen concentration at a maximum working pressure of 200bar, in full compliance with EU norms EN 13949:2004 & EN 144-3:2004 for breathing devices.
• SCUBAPRO Nitrox dedicated first stages have specifically designed connections for Nitrox tank valves, which differ from the connections for compressed air tanks. This ensures utmost safety and no risk contaminating Nitrox with potentially hazardous hydrocarbons or residues.
• Our Nitrox systems only use approved and specific oxygen compatible components (HP seat, O-rings, washers and grease) required for high pressure oxygen systems for guaranteed safe diving.
• SCUBAPRO Nitrox regulators are assembled in a dedicated environment with the required level of cleanliness for oxygen compatibility.
• Nitrox regulator systems are easily identifiable with green & yellow colour accents.