All the features and breathing performance of the Mk25 Evo/A700 with the addition of an innovative Black Tech finishing process for a stylish yet rugged professional system. The A700 first stage now features an inner layer of chemical nickle (FDA approved) which is hand-assembled with the highest grade carbon fiber making it much lighter. The Black Tech coating applied on both 1st and 2nd stages is extremely scratch and corrosion resistant, giving a real technical plus to a high performing regulator.

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Mk25 Evo Black Tech First stage:

• Polished chrome-plated marine grade brass.
• Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating.
• Balanced High Performance First Stage.
• Air-Balanced Flow-Through Piston Design.
• XTIS total thermal protection.
• Thermal exchange design with external fins, optimising freezing resistance.
• Externally Adjustable Intermediate Pressure.
• 5 Port LP Swivel and Dual HP Ports.

A700 Carbon Black Tech Second Stage:

  • Precision crafted full metal construction and design, for best thermal exchange, lowering freezing potential in cold water.
    • DLC Black Tech coated on new lighter weight Carbon Fiber front cover.
    • Innovative technological features.
    • Compact dimensions.
    • Air balanced valve technology for super smooth breathing.
    • Diver adjustable inhalation effort with micrometric adjustment knob.
    • Newly aligned VIVA system for better control and comfort.
    • Super high flow exhaust valve.
    • Supercomfort High-flow mouthpiece.
    • Adjustable VIVA to prevent surface freeflows.
    • Double O-ring seals.
    • Ultra-flexible Superflow hose.


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